Ducati Adventure Riding Experience

Where the adventure begins!

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The D-A-R-Experience

The Ducati Adventure Riding Experience has been designed for the passionate Ducati Adventure bike owner or enthusiast looking to get the most thrill out of their adventure.

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Adventure Machines

With D-A-R-E there are only one of two ways to attend the program. Either you own a Ducati Adventure Bike or you hire one of these amazing machines for the program. With the D-A-R-E program there is no option but Ducati. To see the bikes available please click on the link below.

D-A-R-E Adventures

D-A-R-E Adventures is a program that will role out a swag of exciting trips and excursions. Our range of Treks give the Ducati Adventure bike owner the fun and excitement of exploring, riding and touring with other Ducati Owners. Adventures range from two to ten days.

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